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Wheeling, West Virginia

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About Us


Wheeling YMCA offers programs that emphasize four key values: caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. Through swim lessons, youth sports, childcare programs and other activities, we work to impart not just skills, but to increase self-esteem and interpersonal relationship skills. Wheeling YMCA is about more than just athletics.



Youth Development – At the core of any YMCA are programs that provide opportunities for youth and teens to grow. These programs focus on character development.


Day Camp – Wheeling YMCA provides a safe, fun and exciting experience for over 300 youth during the summer. Many of our campers receive scholarship assistance.


Youth Sports – Over 5,000 youth participate in a wide variety of sporting opportunities during the year. YMCA sports programs concentrate on skill-building, sportsmanship, fair play and fun.


Aquatics – Wheeling YMCA strongly promotes aquatic safety and instructs many children in their first experience around the water.



Wheeling YMCA never turns anyone away for the inability to pay. Last year, Wheeling YMCA issued scholarship memberships and programs to over 500 individuals who could not afford to pay. Your support of the “Light of the Valley” program will ensure these programs will continue to flourish for years to come.


Wheeling YMCA Mission Statement – To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

Wheeling YMCA’s Published Financial Aid Program – The YMCA will never turn anyone away for the inability to pay.

Wheeling YMCA has over 3,800 members

Wheeling YMCA has over 100 youth and adult programs every year

Wheeling YMCA is over 150 years old. Established in 1859, it is older than the state of West Virginia

Wheeling YMCA provides scholarships to over 500 youth per year for memberships and programs

Wheeling YMCA provides 65 families per year scholarship membership and program privileges

Wheeling YMCA offers volunteer opportunities to over 1,100 individuals who provide over 10,000 hours of service

Wheeling YMCA is attended by over 500,000 patrons each year

Wheeling YMCA teaches over 500 youth to swim each year

Wheeling YMCA is our town’s community center