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Wheeling, West Virginia

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Jill Paul

Jill Paul

Title: Aquatics Director Job Description: Jill manages the pool and supervises all swimming programs, water aerobics and lifeguards. Family life/Interests/Hobbies: Jill is married to Matt Paul and they have a wonderful son. She enjoys watching WVU football games with her family and going to the movies with her son. Jill also likes swimming, bowling, football, camping and family vacations. Favorite thing about Wheeling YMCA: “The members are wonderful and over time, they’ve become a part of our family. I enjoy listening to them about how they grew up and how things have changed since they were a kid. These people have been here for so long that they become a part of our lives so when a member passes on you remember them forever. The kids are also what makes the YMCA one of my favorite places- they put a smile on my face every day.”