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Light of the Valley

The Light of the Valley Award recognizes exemplary community service, which benefits all people of our valley. The individuals receiving the award manifests, their life and deeds, the selfless concern and care for their community, which constitutes the essence of our valley’s proud spirit. No form of award or recognition can adequately express our gratitude for the good works the leaders perform. Nor, of course, do they expect any such recognition, for the real satisfaction of volunteerism is personal and private. In presenting the Light of the Valley Award, the YMCA simply acknowledges the benevolence of these fine people and as a shining light in hopes of inspiring others to follow.

Recipients of the YMCA Light of the Valley Award

2007 – G. Randolph Worls

2008 – Bishop Bernard W. Schmitt

2009 – Bob Robinson

2010 – Bob Nutting

2011 – Gary West

2012 – Ohio County Commission: Randy Wharton, David Sims, Tim McCormick & Greg Stewart

2013 – Robert Contraguerro, Sr.

2014 – Jim Crutchfield

2015 – Dr. Joe Viglietta

2016 – Jim and Linda Bordas

2017 – Dr. Daniel Joseph